NBA Youngboy Investigated By Feds

NBA Youngboy Investigated By Feds

NBA Youngboy Investigated By Feds

NBA Youngboy Investigated By Feds: On Monday, a prosecutor revealed that American rapper,  NBA YoungBoy, the subject of a state probe into what happened during the September creation of a music video in Baton Rouge, which led to his arrest and the arrest of 15 others on drug and weapons charges, is also being looked at by federal investigators.

According to The Advocate, the rapper is prohibited to possess a firearm as a felon, which has prompted a federal investigation. An attorney for Youngboy, real name Kentrell Gaulden, recently filed paperwork asking for the rapper’s bond supervision to be dropped since it has been over four months since his arrest with no formal charges. However, it looks like the feds aren’t quite finished taking a look at the case.

“The Office of the District Attorney has returned Mr. Gaulden’s seized property and there is no indication that the State intends to file a Bill of Information against Mr. Gaulden,” said lawyer James Manasseh in the motion. Unfortunately for YB though, he’s not off the hook. “The matter is still being reviewed by our office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” responded District Attorney Hillar Moore III.

The Baton Rouge rapper’s attorney replied that he was unaware that a federal investigation was open, but that he believes authorities will make the right move going forward.

“There’s no crime committed by Kentrell in this,” said Manasseh. “They didn’t find him in possession of anything (illegal). They just arrested everybody.”

The Baton Rouge Police Department returned two diamond necklaces, a diamond ring, over $40,000 in cash, and a $300,000 cashier’s check to NBA Youngboy after they were initially seized.

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