Things to Do in Malmö: The Perfect Day Trip From Copenhagen

Malmö is the third largest city (with about 320,000 inhabitants) in Sweden. Only Stockholm and Gothenburg are even bigger. For a long time, Malmö was a somewhat run-down port city. However, since the construction of the Öresund Bridge, Malmö has flourished and the city is developing into a hotspot of modern architecture, with a very nice, somewhat industrial vibe. The city of Malmö is also nice to visit during a city trip from Copenhagen in Denmark. You can reach the other city in half an hour by train. But what is there to do in Malmo?

This Is What You Want to Do in Malmo

Malmö’s Old Town

Malmö’s Old Town is also worth a short walk. On the Stortorget you will find the beautifully decorated old pharmacy store Apoteket Lejonet. The most beautiful historic buildings in Malmö can be found a little further on at Lilla Torg. The heart of Malmö is a cozy and cozy place, bustling with nice bars and restaurants.

The inhabitants of Malmö meet here for a lunch or drink date or a traditional Fika: a Swedish coffee moment. In the summer you will find several terraces where you can eat and drink. For many people, Lilla Torg is the starting point for a night out, because the famous nightclubs are also a stone’s throw away.

The Malmöhus

The Malmöhus is one of the oldest surviving Renaissance castles in the northern regions. Here you will also find the Malmö museum. You can visit various exhibitions about history, technology, shipbuilding and nature. Board a real submarine or come face to face with fish and snakes in the aquarium. And definitely take a walk through the beautiful adjacent castle garden, Slottsparken.

A Little Further Outside the Center

Möllevångstorget: More than 174 nationalities live in Malmö and this is reflected in the Möllevångstorget district. A bustling neighborhood where all colors and flavors from different corners of the world come together. Take a tour of the various restaurants, bars, shops and international food shops. The Folkets Park is nearby and this park is a great place to relax after a culinary afternoon.

Katrinetorps Landeri: Katrinetorp is located a few kilometers south of Malmö center and is easily accessible by bus, car or bicycle. You will find beautiful old houses from the 19th century with picturesque gardens full of roses, a vineyard, a cozy restaurant and a plant shop.

Western Harbor

The Western Harbor with the Turning Torso. The Turning Torso is the icon of the city of Malmö and you can see this special building from afar. Architect Santiago Calatrava was responsible for the design of the spectacular 190-meter high tower that rotates about 90 degrees from bottom to top.

The Torso is located in a trendy part of Malmö: the western harbor area. Spend an afternoon strolling the streets with interesting architecture and perfect swimming spots. Are you a fan of skateboarding? Then visit Stapelbäddsparken. Located near the Turning Torso, this park has over 2000 square feet of skate park. This makes it one of the largest in Europe.


In the list of ‘special museums’, the Disgusting Food Museum of Malmö is certainly in the top 10. Where else can you see, smell and even taste the most unappetising dishes in the world? A unique experience!


The bathhouse of Ribergsborg (Ribersborgs Kallbadhuset) is a household name in Malmö. The characteristic building still serves as a wellness area and you can relax in the wood saunas. Real die-hards jump stark naked into the sea, even in winter, because the bathhouse is open all year round. The complex is located on the coast, so the beach is also nearby. A popular place to relax at any time of the year.

In Sweden they call the sauna ‘bastu’. Ribersborgs Kallbadhuset is also called ‘Kallis’ by the locals. There are 5 bastu’s in this complex: two for the ladies (dry and quiet), two for the men (dry and quiet) and a mixed bastu with high humidity. All the saunas I went into had a sea view.

In a bastu you go naked (obviously). Don’t forget towels (& padlocks for lockers). A towel to sit on is mandatory and you would also like a towel to dry yourself after showering. Bringing shower gel and/or shampoo can also be useful for after your visit, because this is not included.

Even those who do not want to use the sauna complex can eat in the restaurant of Ribersborg Kallbadhuset. You can go there for lunch, fika or dinner. Ribersborgs Kallbadhuset is a half-hour walk from Malmö Central Station. Bus 7 takes you every 10 minutes from Centralen to Malmö Ribersborg. From here it is a 5 minute walk to the sea.

St. Peter’s Church

The St. Petri Kyrka is the oldest building in Malmö and dates back to the early 14th century. Take a look at this impressive building, attend a church service or listen to a choral concert. The church is open daily and entry is free.

There is plenty to do in Malmö on a day trip. Of course you can also plan a whole weekend in Malmö!

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