Kelowna: The Ideal Place in Canada to Enjoy Sun and Wine

While traveling in Western Canada, there are a number of places that you absolutely should not miss: Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Whistler. However, one place is often forgotten; the town of Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley. This place is very different from the rest of Western Canada. This Valley is located between several mountain ranges and is one of the sunniest regions in all of Canada. It is also called “Kelownafornia” by locals. In other words, the perfect end to a tour of Western Canada!

This Is What You Want to Do in Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley

Vineyards and orchards, sandy beaches and lots of nature, those are the ingredients of Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley. It has an almost Mediterranean feel and is popular with Canadians and other tourists for a reason. Below we give you the tips in the field of nature, activities, vineyards, and restaurants.

1. Walk or Cycle the Kettle Valley Railway

Nature is of course the highlight in all of Western Canada and this is no different in Kelowna. In the Okanagan Valley you will find several parks and beautiful hiking areas. A very special place is the Kettle Valley Railway. This former railway has been turned into a walking and cycling route. The route you can follow is 12 kilometers long and runs between Myra Station and Ruth Station. At Myra Station you can also rent bicycles.

It is very cool that you can cycle over old wooden railway crossings, although it is sometimes a bit exciting! Despite the healthy tension, don’t forget to enjoy the view during the route, because it is very beautiful and the whole atmosphere is really special!

2. For the Best View of Kelowna, Head to Knox Mountain

Close to Kelowna is also Knox Mountain. From this place you have a nice overview of Lake Okanagan and the city. One of the routes you can take is the Apex Trail. This route is 4 kilometers (round trip) and runs from top to bottom or from bottom to top, the choice is yours!

3. SUP on the Okanagan Mere

Those who like water sports can indulge themselves in Kelowna. It borders the 135 kilometer long Okanagan Lake. We have paddled (stand-up paddle boarding) several times during our stay here. What a fun workout that is! The Okanagan Lake is generally quite quiet and therefore perfect for quiet supping along the coast. You can rent a SUP board at various places, for example at Boyce-Gyro Beach Park or at Bear Creek Provincial Park. There are also plenty of options to rent a boat.

4. Enjoying the Kelowna Vineyards

Wine isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Canada. However, the Okanagan Valley is known for its fine wine and beautiful vineyards that stretch over the hills. With 29 different vineyards you have plenty of choice! Wine lover or not, a tour or tasting at one of the vineyards is a really good plan.

Our recommendations are Cedar Creek and Quails’ Gate. At both you can do wine tastings, guided tours and dine in the associated restaurant. Wine tasting is already possible for a small amount and so you get a good idea of ​​​​the different types of wines that are offered. Big plus: the view from the vineyards is truly magnificent!

5. Eat Out at One of These Restaurants

You can enjoy good food in Kelowna at CRAFT Beer Market. This restaurant is located in the center and is known for the large amount of special beers. They have 100 on tap alone! But in addition, CRAFT Beer Market also has very good tacos with pulled pork and fish, burgers and salads. Everything for a fun and wonderful evening out! Another recommendation is MOMO Sushi. This restaurant now has 3 locations in Kelowna and that is not without reason. The sushi is very fresh and delicious and pleasant service.

6. On an Adventure in the Area

Close to Kelowna are the towns of Penticton, Vernon and Summerland (of course this already sounds very summery!). And several other lakes, such as Wood Lake and Skaha Lake. In short, plenty to do when you spend a few days in the Okanagan Valley. You imagine yourself in sunny places, but with the real Canadian touch!

7. Stay in an Airbnb

There are a number of nice Airbnb’s near Kelowna. We stayed in a fantastic apartment just outside Kelowna in the hills. The beautiful view (and the jacuzzi!) made for an incredibly pleasant stay!

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